Physical & Biological Sciences & Baskin Engineering Poster Symposium

The Division of Physical & Biological Sciences AND Jack Baskin School of Engineering

are pleased to announce the 23rd Annual


Thursday, June 4, 2020 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM at Jack Baskin School of Engineering Courtyard

Poster Presentation Guidelines:


  • Recommended Dimensions: 4' High x 3' Wide

Each poster should include the following:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction (hypothesis, reasoning, etc.)
  • Objectives (significance of research to the field)
  • Method
  • Results (if research is completed)
  • Conclusion
Helpful Videos
Elements of a successful research poster
Writing an effective abstract
Presenting a successful research poster
Preparing a successful research poster

Courtesy of SACNAS (

  • Volunteers will help set up the poster boards, tables and other items for by 12:45PM.
  • Plan to arrive early to the event, at least before 1:30PM. If this conflicts with a class, try to come by before your class and drop off your poster, we'd be happy to display it for you.  Also if you have to leave early,  we can take down you poster and store it until you can retrieve it. If you wish to arriver earlier,  we can always use volunteers to help set up the poster boards. It will also ensure your preferred location as it is "first come, first serve".  
  • Please check-in with either one of us. We will have participation certificates, push pins and name badges for you.
  • Light refreshments will be served.
PLEASE NOTE:  Because this is an outdoor event, you may want to consider wearing sunscreen and perhaps bringing a hat. 

The BSOE Undergraduate Affairs Office would like to help BSOE students who need financial support with creating their posters. Please contact Lindy Boisvert for information on how to receive up to $50 towards the printing of your research poster: The poster must be submitted to the Poster Symposium in order to be eligible. After you have been selected, please submit your receipts to along with a signed Payee 204 form that can be found on the UCSC website.

Symposium Contacts

Physical and Biological Sciences - Dean's Office, 459-2931

Jack Baskin School of Engineering - Lindy Boisvert, 459-3580 or, #231 Jack Baskin Engineering